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Naver accounts: how to create and manage

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Irene Support Team
November 21, 2020 · changed the group description.

How to create a Naver account and how to leave positive reactions on articles:

NAVER is an interactive platform in South Korea which acts as a search engine/portal. Everything ranging from news articles to maps are available on the site and through its various app like features. One of the most important aspects of Naver are the various news articles that gets posted there. As such a huge audience is commanded by Naver alone, it is important to "push" positive articles on Irene in order to inform public on her activities and to help boost her image. Similarly, it is important to make sure misleading articles gets taken down.

Hence, we have created this simple but effective tutorial on how to create a Naver account. It'll only take a few minutes! So kindly, please help us in our efforts to support Irene by reacting, recommending and sharing positive articles. 💗💗

Follow the guidelines in the following tweet and you’ll be all set to support Irene on this platform:

Red Velvet
Red Velvet
March 13, 2024 · joined the group along with
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Tommy Cooper
Tommy Cooper

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Tommy Cooper
Tommy Cooper
March 13, 2024 · joined the group.


How to create a Naver account and how to leave positive reac...


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