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IRENE, real name Bae Juhyun, is Red Velvet's leader, main rapper, lead dancer, sub vocalist, and center. 


Irene was casted by SM Entertainment in 2009 and trained for five years — officially introduced as one of the SM Rookies in 2013 prior to their official debut on August 1, 2014.


Her stage name, Irene, comes from the Greek word which means “Goddess of Peace”. But to her members and fans, she is called as Baechu (Cabbage), Hyun-ah and Mother.


Irene is an all-rounder proving it more and more as the years go by. She was the MC of one of the longest running music show in South Korea, KBS ‘Music Bank’ for 14 months. It had opened more opportunities for her and she received offers to MC festivals and variety shows. She also had modeled various brands even prior to her debut as a Red Velvet member. It was reported a lot of times that her endorsed brands raised stocks after they had picked Irene as their muse. Her current solo endorsements are PRADA, Damiani and Clinique (Asia-Pacific Ambassador).


She was featured in the track “The Only” last 2019, making it her very first solo single. A year after, she debuted in Red Velvet’s first sub-unit, IRENE & SEULGI with “Monster” and follow-up single “Naughty”.


Year 2016, she made her acting debut in web-drama “Women at a Game Company” which received high recognition from critics and netizens. She had also casted and narrated sitcoms. In 2020, she was reported to debut on screen with the movie “Double Patty” and premiered in South Korea theaters last February, 2021 and is expected to be released internationally starting this April, 2021.

More about IRENE:

Birthname: Bae Juhyun / Bae Joohyun

Position: Leader, Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Sub Vocalist,

Lead Vocalist (Red Velvet-IRENE & SEULGI), Center

Titles / Nicknames: The Original Visual, Ending Fairy, Baephrodite,

Best Woman of this Generation, Goddess of Peace

Juhyunee, Baechu, Hyun-ah, Baetokki, Irin

Birthday: March 29, 1991 (Aries)

Height: 160cm

Blood Type: A

Designated Sign: Pink Color, Bunny

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Food: tteokbokki

Role Model: BoA

Fear: Acrophobia

Hobbies: Household Chores, Writing Notes, Drawing

Special Skills: Cooking, Modern Dance, Tutting, Flexibility

Ideal Type: Someone kind and warm

SNS Account: Instagram (renebaebae)

Irene Solo Endorsements: 

  • 2ªN Japan (2023)*

  • PRADA (2020)

  • Clinique (2020)

  • Miu Miu (2019)

  • Damiani (2019)

  • eider - with Park Bogum (2019)

  • Hite Jinro Chamisul Soju (2019) 

  • Lemona Vitamins (2018)

  • Dongwon: Yangban Rice Porridge - with Wendy (2018)

  • Cooper Vision (2018)

  • Hazzy’s Accessories (2018)

  • Hyundai Motors: Insurance (2017) 

  • PUPUGAME: Age of Ring (2017) 

  • Nuovo Shoes (2016)

  • Maxwell House Korea: Colombiana Coffee (2016)

  • Ivy Club - with EXO (2014) 

  • Nike Women Club - with T-ara, Pre-debut (2013)

  • Burberry 'Art of the Trench' Campaign - thru ESteem Models (2013)


Irene Donations & Campaigns: 

  • UNICEF x SMTOWN “SMile for U: Growing With Music” Ambassador (2022)

  • MIRAL Welfare Foundation (5 times: 210329, 210818, 220329, 230929, 230329)

  • ESTEE LAUDER Companies' 'Breast Cancer Awareness' Campaign, with Joy (2020)

  • Voice Donation to T&C Foundation (2020)

  • 100M Won Donation as COVID19 Support to the Social Welfare Community Chest, Daegu (2020)

  • Star Golden Bell Campaign against Violence (2019)

  • UNICEF x SMTOWN for 'SMile Program, with  fellow SM Artists (2018)

  • UNICEF 'Clean Water' Campaign (2018)

  • DANBI Korean Education App, handwriting with f(x)'s Luna (2017)

  • UNICEF 'Make A Promise' Campaign, with Seulgi & Wendy (2017)

  • UNICEF x Louis Vuitton 'Make A Promise' Campaign, with EXO Sehun (2016)

  • 1,000 Coal Briquettes to Love's Coal Event (2015)

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