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RV5ummer Comeback Projects

Are you already feeling the heat? SM has confirmed Red Velvets Summer comeback this August and we have some projects lined up to support them!

Our main project will be a fundraiser which we will use to promote Red Velvet over the whole world! Our main focus will be promotions trough Instagram and Youtube ads but wil spread out to other social media platforms depending on the budget!

Further details:

First Target: 1000 USD
Goals: Promotional campaign on various social media platforms with the main focus on Instagram and Youtube

International Fans:
new poster.jpg



Click here to SUBMIT FORM

(For desktop users, copy-paste the link. If it says "form not found" click the back arrow on the top left corner!)

Current Funds

80 Euros is trough a Google voucher sponsored by our own team and is reserved for exclusively for Youtube Ads

Used Funds

Updated 09/04/2021

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