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Another year to celebrate the birth of the Best Woman of this Generation!

And together with all luvies and baetokkis, Irene Support Team is here once again to help celebrate this memorable day extra special for IRENE.

From trend events (hashtag and keyword) to special streaming parties, fundraising and giveaway events and a surprise gift for Juhyunee, luvies and baetokkis are all in line! See posters below to know more about the projects and how are you able to join.


Everyone is invited in this biggest party this year. Let's have enjoyable moments together!

Pt. 1
Pt. 1: Fundraising & Giveaway Details:
IRENE birhtday project kpop support team 2022 fundraising.jpg

Donate to:

Paypal: or

Ko-fi: /irenesupportteam

Gcash: send DM to @IreneVotingTeam and/or @Baejoohyunews on Twitter




You will get 1 entry to the Giveaway Event when you donate in our 2022 IRENE BIRTHDAY FUNDRAISING PROJECT, for those who will donate 10 USD up, you can get 1 raffle entry every 10 USD.

Another 1 raffle entry will be given to those who will vote for IRENE in the recognized voting apps (please refer poster below). 

Two (2) Red Velvet "BLOOM" Japanese 1st Full Album (IRENE Version) will be given to two (2) winners.


The collected funds will be used for Physical & Digital Irene's Birthday Support Ads. Funds left will be used in future support and voting events for IRENE.

This project is voluntary. You may follow @irenevotingteam and @Baejoohyunews for inquiries and updates on Irene's voting activities and events. 


Thank you so much for your undying support!

Irene CHOEAEDOL 310th Charity Fairy.jpg
Irene CHOEAEDOL 310th Charity Fairy 1.jpg
Irene CHOEAEDOL 310th Charity Fairy 2.jpg

IRENE has become CHOEAEDOL's 310th Charity Fairy!


The title of Charity Fairy is given to the idol who received over 55,555,555 daily votes in CHOEAEDOL app during the whole month.

If IRENE becomes the Charity Fairy for the 3rd time, in her name, CHOEAEDOL is going to donate ₩500k to the MIRAL Welfare Foundation.

MIRAL Welfare Foundation, a Korean charity that comprehensively handles problems related to disabilities that may be revealed in a wide range of the social spectrum, including physical and mental disabilities.

IRENE as the 140th Charity Fairy (1st)

IRENE as the 196th Charity Fairy (2nd)

IRENE as the 310th Charity Fairy (3rd)

Pt. 2: Subway Event Support (CHOEAEDOL)
Pt. 2

Subway Max Vision Display Support Event via CHOEAEDOL

Submit AD Designs to

until March 13, 12AM KST


Display Period: March 25~31

Location: Apgujeong Station


Part of sent from IRENE SUPPORT TEAM’s “2022 Irene Birthday Fundraising Project”

Video credits


**Sending diamonds via app is also valid for the BLOOM (Irene ver.) Giveaway Event

**If you don't have the app, you may also donate funds in our existing fundraising project

Pt. 3: Birthday Streaming Goals
Pt. 3

Stream <The Only>

Spotify  Youtube

Stream <A White Night>

Spotify  Youtube

Click here for Recommended Playlists

Pt. 4: Birthday Hashtags
Pt. 4
Pt. 5: 0329 IRENE Day Kit
0329 IreneDay kit.jpg
Pt. 5

Celebrate our favorite homebody's birthday in your own way! FREE Cupsleeve, Photocards, and Banner Designs. Get and print your DIY Kits now!

Download 0329 IRENE Day Kit

**Unauthorized distribution and sale are prohibited.**

Pt. 6
Pt. 6: Twibbon for Twitter and Facebook
Pt.7: Instagram Story Ad
Pt. 7
Pt.8: Land in Scotland for Lady Bae Joohyun
Current Funds
Total Funds

updated: 2022.03.26

Used Funds

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**Remaining funds will be used for future projects for IRENE.**

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