A project started up to protect BJH.

The goal is to boost IRENE's brand reputation in a fun and interactive way while showing our support to Irene and the other members.

We encourage everyone to participate more info can be found on @Baejoohyunews

2021 IRENE Week 1.png

Search IRENE in various search engines


Wiki EN: http://bit.ly/2FGN9ln

Wiki KR: http://bit.ly/33MImXq

Google: http://bit.ly/32U5hkx

Naver: http://bit.ly/2J6SeoL

Daum: http://bit.ly/33Nvf8t

Give positive reactions to IRENE-related posts in Facebook.

2021 IRENE Week 2.png

Follow and visit IRENE's official Instagram profile @renebaebae 

Invite friends to follow her account. Interact to her posts as much as you can. Avoid spamming!

2021 IRENE Week 3.png

Mass clearing search for IRENE in Twitter

Search and use different keywords. (example: 레드벨벳 아이린 엔딩 요정 or IRENE BEST LEADER)

RT other tweet from different accounts with the keywords.

2021 IRENE Week 4.png

Follow and visit IRENE's profile on Spotify

Use playlists to stream her songs. Click here for suggested playlist.

Share IRENE profile link to your SNS accounts.

2021 IRENE Week 5.png

Manually search IRENE/아이린 in Youtube


Watch positive IRENE-related videos and interact by leaving positive comments. (Avoid spamming!) Upvote positive comments.

Report regularly the negative IRENE-related videos. (DON'T WATCH the videos.)

Click here for list of videos

2021 IRENE Week 0.png