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As you may all have received the news by now, Irene will be taking the screens in her first ever movie role as aspiring anchor Lee Hyunji in the upcoming movie "Double Patty".

In order to celebrate actress Bae Juhyun and show our support, a number of Irene fanaccounts have joined together to raise funds in order to fund a few events/promotions.

First off, we would like to state that we are setting a goal of 500 USD for our donation drive. It's okay to donate any amount, however big or small. We are also aware of people's financial situations due to the ongoing pandemic so please don't feel burdened to donate. 

Below are some of the plans in place to spend the funds on:

- Instagram ads:

Plans to run two seperate instagram ads for 3-5 days.

- Streaming:

Based of on possible platforms the movie will be available for streaming, plans to giveaway accounts to watch the movie for 10-20 people 

- Rice Wreath

Lastly, we have plans to deliver a rice wreath to celebrate actress Bae Juhyun's screen debut and hope that she will feel all of us fans' love through this.

If anyone has any further ideas or even concerns regarding our current lineup of activities, please do not hesitate to contact us in the comments or through our chat function.

Link to the donation certificate form:

*this total includes donations from a seperate PH donation drive

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