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About Irene • Our Bunny Leader

Irene is the leader, main rapper, lead dancer, lead vocal and the visual center of K-pop group Red Velvet. She was born Bae Joohyun on March 29, 1991 in Daegu, South Korea.


Irene was tagged as “The Original Visual” for her God-tier visuals, topping polls here and there. She was also recognized by a surgeon as the idol with "perfect ratio face". Aside from that, the term “Irene Effect” was created after the hype around the brands she endorses, items she uses getting sold out, her trending online after appearing on TV along with discussions on forums regarding the photos she posts on the internet became a hot issue every time.


Despite her cold appearance, Irene wants to be remembered as a “warm-hearted person”. Her members named her as “the best woman of this generation” because of her thoughtfulness and great leadership. It is a known fact that she has been praised by the people in various fields that she has worked with and the fans have always praised her kindness and generosity.


Irene is set to make her on screen debut in the movie “Double Patty” with a rumoured release date of December 2020. Filming has been completed in August of 2020 and fans and those curious are looking forward to the release with excitement.

Who are we?

The Irene Support Team

A group of dedicated fans of Irene who has come together to support her various activities.

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