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VIU confirms release of Bae Joohyun’s film “Double Patty” in Indonesia!

Updated: Mar 29, 2021


“Double Patty” premiere in Viu Indonesia moved to April 18, confirmed through official Twitter post.

The newest Korean films are coming soon to Viu. Movie lovers, get ready! Viu has prepared exciting and entertaining films to accompany you at home. Several well-known actors, such as Kim Do Yoon, Hwang Jung Min to Irene from the K-pop group Red Velvet are coming soon with stories full of surprises. Stories about restaurant waiters who fight for their dreams, assassins who have to save their children, detectives who solve complicated problems to fighters against zombies will soon be here in Viu to satisfy you.

Double Patty will star Irene, a member of the K-pop group Red Velvet and this romantic film marks her big screen acting debut. She plays a hardworking woman, Lee Hyun Ji. At night, she works part time in a restaurant and as a babysitter during the day. While continuing to study, he has high hopes of becoming a television host. A former ssireum (Korean wrestling) athlete whose career is starting to fade and is looking for a job, played by Shin Seung Ho, one day comes to his restaurant before the place closes. He bought a burger that was sold "Buy 1 Get 1". The relationship between the two began to develop from the first meeting at the restaurant. This is a film that will remind you of the spirit of life and appreciate the struggle. Director Park Seung Hwan packaged this film nicely and successfully portrayed the spirit of young people who never gave up.

The film Double Patty will open on April 3, 2021 on Viu. Come on, save the date and make sure to watch streaming or download Double Patty Indo sub on Viu.

*Premiere moved to April 18, 2021 on Viu

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