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Upcoming overseas schedules of Red Velvet are making the ReVeluvs excited!

For a long time, Red Velvet will be back to performing outside South Korea to not just one but four overseas countries.

On April 25, SM Entertainment announced that Red Velvet is included in the lineup for a 2-day offline concert, “SMTOWN LIVE 2022: SMCU EXPRESS @ TOKYO” on August 27 & 28 this year. And before the month ended, Yeri confirmed that Red Velvet will also be attending an event in Indonesia which was later on revealed to be the “Allo Bank Festival 2022” in Jakarta.

Earlier this month, two overseas events were also confirmed: ”MIK Festival 2022” in London on July 30, the first outdoor Korean music festival in Europe and “BE YOU: The World Will Adjust” in Manila, Philippines on July 22, an extraordinary celebration for People with Special Needs.

Red Velvet is also confirmed to perform in ”28th SBS Dream Concert” at Jamsil Olympic Stadium Seoul on June 18.

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