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The Visuals of Korea’s 3 Biggest Agencies: Irene represents the SM Beauty of 3rd Generation

SOHA VN — Visuals of the 3 biggest entertainment empires in Korea before and now: Can Irene - Tzuyu be able to match the second generation of beauties?

Regarding the beauty of K-pop, six of the biggest artists from SM, YG, and JYP can't be left out.

3rd generation

Irene (SM Entertainment)

The beauty that represents the SM beauty of 3rd generation is definitely Irene (Red Velvet). The leader of "Red Velvet" owns a face with perfect proportions, elegant lines, and a noble lady's temperament. Irene's beauty is the harmony of her cold, lofty beauty and her very own mysterious charm.

Irene impresses me with her chic and chic look.

Besides Yoona, Irene is the second most important factor, contributing to the beauty of SM's flower garden.

Source: The Qoo

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