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Red Velvet unveils MV Teaser for <Feel My Rhythm> + Youtube COUNTDOWN LIVE on 21st!

The music video teaser has been released for Red Velvet's <Feel My Rhythm>!

"Spring Queens" Red Velvet will start a comeback countdown with fans on YouTube live.

Red Velvet is expected to receive a great response as it plans to host a live broadcast "Red Velvet 'The ReVe Festival 2022 - Feel My Rhythm' Countdown Live" on YouTube's Red Velvet channel from 5 p.m. on March 21.

In particular, as the broadcast takes place an hour before the release of the song, Red Velvet plans to communicate with fans by telling various spoilers related to the new album, from introducing new songs to album unboxing and working episodes.

More individual image teasers were released:

This album contains a total of six songs with a variety of charms, including the title song "Feel My Rhythm," which stimulates spring emotions, which is expected to draw keen attention from music fans.

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