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Red Velvet’s ‘Queendom’ Breaking Records after Release!

Girl group Red Velvet proved its "Summer Queen" power once again by continuing its summer hit march with "Queendom."

👑 #1 on iTunes Top Album Chart in 50 countries

👑 #1 on QQ & KuGou Music Digital Album Sales Chart

👑 #1 on Genie, Bugs, Vibe & Momople

Red Velvet's new mini-album "Queendom" was released on iTunes Top Album Chart in the U.S., Canada, Netherlands, Norway, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Cambodia, Egypt, Brunei Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Paraguay, Bolivia, Russia, Vietnam, Mongolia, Saudi Arabia, Guatemala, Italy, Hungary, Japan, Ukraine, Hong Kong, Indonesia, New Zealand, Mexico, Mexico, Mexico.

In addition, the album topped the Chinese QQ Music and Cougou Music digital album sales charts, and the title song "Queendom" also captured various music charts, including first place in Genie, Bugs, Vibe, and Momople, as well as lining up songs.

Red Velvet also reached new milestones with the release of ‘Queendom’ Music Video.

👑 #1 in Youtube Worldwide Trends

👑Becomes their first music video to hit 10,000,000 views (13 hours)

👑The fastest SM female music video to hit 5,000,000 views on Youtube

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