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Red Velvet’s Psycho becomes the first SM Female Group MV to reach 5,000,000 Likes on Youtube

On April 1, Red Velvet’s Psycho MV hits 5,000,000 likes on Youtube making it the first SM female group MV to reach milestone.

The music video was released last December 23, 2019 and currently has more than 250,000,000 views on Youtube. Recently, the song hits 200,000,000 streams on Spotify.

Other noted Red Velvet’s music videos with more than 2,000,000 million likes on Youtube are Bad Boy (3.4M+), Monster by sub-unit Irene & Seulgi (3.2M+), Zimzalabim (2.5M+), Peek-A-Boo (2.4M+) and Red Flavor (2M+).

Congratulations, Red Velvet!

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