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Red Velvet's new song "Queendom" group teaser with beautiful and unique styling

Insight — The girl group Red Velvet is accelerating their comeback by releasing a group teaser for their new song.

At midnight on the 8th, Red Velvet released a group teaser photo of its new song "Queendom" with five members on its official SNS.

The released teaser image shows Red Velvet with unique visuals and unique styling against the backdrop of the buildings.

In particular, Yeri was stepping on a car as big as her feet, predicting that the background was a small country.

Prior to the release of their new album "Queendom," Red Velvet has been drawing attention every day by releasing logos, mood samplers, and teaser images sequentially.

Each time a new content is released, they show their different charms as concept queens, adding curiosity and anticipation to the album.