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Red Velvet’s IRENE ranks No. 2 in “Best Female Visual of 2021” Survey

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

The idol survey, which Daily Sports plans every year since 2017, participated by 22 teams. They responded with sincere answers to questions about the best idols in each field. All responses were received anonymously. There are five questions, including the best visual idol, the owner of a hot body, a singer who wants to become friends, an attractive stone that he wants to introduce, and an idol that is expected in 2021.

The beauty idol was a close game where the rankings were divided by one margin. The second place went to Red Velvet’s IRENE with 6 votes. The rank includes traditional beauties Suzy and Girls’ Generation’s Yoona. As for the funny famous answers, "Everything is pretty" was voted as two, and there was also a favorite answer, "From SM."

On the same survey, fellow member Seulgi ranks No. 2 for “female hot body” category.

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