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Red Velvet’s IRENE is back on Instagram!

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Irene of Red Velvet has resumed her SNS activities in 10 months.

Irene posted several photos on her Instagram on Friday, along with a ribbon emoticon.

In the photos released, Irene is wearing a stage costume with her lips sticking out and showing off her loveliness. Just before, she posted a picture of Red Velvet members holding a cake and celebrating their comeback in a year and eight months.

Netizens are responding to her photos, such as "So pretty," "As expected of Bae Joo-hyun," and "So cute."

Red Velvet’s Irene once again showed off her beauty as the visual center.

Irene posted two photos on her Instagram on the 21st, along with the caption 🖤👑🖤

In the picture, Irene is posing under the stage in a black-toned costume. She showed off her impeccable flawless beauty and shook the hearts of fans.

Irene, who showed off her solid abs as an inner top, drew attention by revealing the queen's figure under the stage. The fans praised it with comments such as "So pretty," "So charming," "Always beautiful," and "You are my sun."

New set of Irene’s photos today is uploaded on her Instagram being playful at the camera.