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Red Velvet’s Irene Gifts Fans With Sweet Vlog On Her Birthday

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

At 9pm kst on March 29, Irene celebrated her birthday by surprising fans with a special video titled “A Present for ReVeluv🎁💗 | IRENE’S RECORD”.

The video shows Irene enjoying her quality time started from making her vlog logo to decorating her own birthday cake to learning how to ride a bicycle in one night in Seoul. Later part on the video, Irene showed never before seen polaroid and childhood photos. She also shared a tidbit story of her as a trainee.

In addition, Red Velvet’s official SNS accounts shared behind-the-scenes photos from her vlog. Shortly, “IRENE’S RECORD” trended Worldwide in Twitter proved how fans have been anticipating to see Bae Juhyun (Irene’s real name).

Irene also went to Bubble to personally thank fans for all the greetings she received on her birthday. Earlier, she released a selca with a short interview in LYSN showing off flowers she gifted for herself.

ReVeluvs trended #Our329WishesforIrene, #오늘_현탄절_헌법에_나와있대요 and #HappyIRENEDay to celebrate Irene’s birthday at 12AM KST.

In another report, Irene's fan community (leaded by DC Irene Gallery and ThinkB) joins her birthday in sponsoring meaningful independent films, engraving nameplates on B3 seats of Indiespace Theaters. (Source:

Happy birthday, Irene! 💗🐰

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