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Red Velvet’s Irene Gifts Fans With Sweet Vlog On Her Birthday

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

At 9pm kst on March 29, Irene celebrated her birthday by surprising fans with a special video titled “A Present for ReVeluv🎁💗 | IRENE’S RECORD”.

The video shows Irene enjoying her quality time started from making her vlog logo to decorating her own birthday cake to learning how to ride a bicycle in one night in Seoul. Later part on the video, Irene showed never before seen polaroid and childhood photos. She also shared a tidbit story of her as a trainee.

In addition, Red Velvet’s official SNS accounts shared behind-the-scenes photos from her vlog. Shortly, “IRENE’S RECORD” trended Worldwide in Twitter proved how fans have been anticipating to see Bae Juhyun (Irene’s real name).