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Red Velvet release teasers BLOOM

Jacket photos of Red Velvet’s Japan 1st full album ’BLOOM’ has been released this March 13.

With the release of this work, on the 12th, Red Velvet just opened the long-awaited official Twitter account for Japan promotions, @Red_VelvetJP

their which marks t 8th year since his debut. "Red Velvet Bloom Promotion Schedule" with release date of the contents, and a solo version of the jacket photos will be released tomorrow.

Red Velvet’s Japanese 1st full album, ‘Bloom’, contains five new songs, including the lead song WILDSIDE, out of all 11 songs. The DVD/Blu-ray included with the first production limited edition contains digest video of the premium event Red Velvet ReVeluv-Baby Party held in Tokyo and Osaka in 2019. It includes previous activities in Japan, live videos of "a-nation," and even making videos of jackets taken for this album.

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