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Red Velvet, ‘Queendom’ tracklist and album details revealed!

Red Velvet will return with their new album “Queendom”. The album contains a total of six songs that will show various charms of the members.

Red Velvet ‘Queendom’ 6th Mini Album Tracklist:

1. Queendom

2. Pose

3. Knock On Wood

4. Better Be

5. Pushin' N Pullin'

6. 다시, 여름 (Hello, Sunset)

The title song, <Queendom> is a refreshing pop dance song with a rhythmical combination of flute and brass riffs on a spectacular synth base, adding to the fun of listening to addictive hooks and bright and cheerful vocals of Red Velvet.

In addition, the lyrics contain the message that we are all the "Queens" of our lives, and when we are together, we can feel positive energy with the message that we are more beautifully shining beings.

The song <Pose> an uptempo pop dance song with an energetic base line and a fast-changing drum source, and you can feel an exciting atmosphere by combining confident lyrics and lively vocals from Red Velvet.

<Knock on Wood> is an electro-punk genre song that expresses “Knock on W