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Red Velvet named by Forbes as “one of the groups that could break trough in the US in 2021”

Forbes has made a lit of Kpop groups that have a high chance of break trough in the US.

Of all the girl groups mentioned in this piece, Red Velvet has seemingly been rocking the Billboardcharts the longest. They first appeared on any list back in 2014, and they have steadily been doling out hits and successful albums. They’ve now collected more than 20 appearances on the World Digital Song Sales ranking, earning another No. 1 early on in the year.

2020 also saw the band break into the top 40 on the Top Album Sales list with The ReVe Festival: Finale, which stalled at No. 40.

As if those moments weren’t enough to celebrate, two members broke off into a sub-unit, meaning they will release music as a duo and with the full band. Known conveniently as Red Velvet – Irene & Seulgi, the two singers dropped their EP Monsters in July, and it also nearly entered the top 40 on the Top Album Sales (it missed by half a dozen spaces), while two cuts from the short project entered the top 10 on the World Digital Song Sales chart.

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Can’t wait for red velvet comeback😭 Really miss them😭

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