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Red Velvet IRENE taking up New Challenge as Actress Bae Joohyun

Irene and Bae Joohyun starred in the movie.

In her 30s, she has been acting for the first time in seven years since her debut

Double Patty has reached 13,000!

Irene of Girl Group Red Velvet did well on screen challenge with her real name Bae Joo-hyun. After more than seven years since his debut as a 30-year-old Red Velvet, she set foot on the path of an actress, showing her potential, although she was a newcomer.

According to the Film Council's integrated network of movie theater tickets on March 1, "Double Patty" drew 282 viewers a day on the 28th of last month, recording 13,341 cumulative audiences.

"Double Patty" is a movie about promising wrestlers Woo Ram (Shin Seung-ho) and aspiring anchor Hyun Ji (Irene) giving strength and comfort to each other after a hard day. "Double Patty," released on the 17th, showed its potential to surpass 10,000 people in just four days after its release, even though it is a low-budget independent film, with theaters in the midst of a recession in the aftermath of Corona 19. In the first week of its release, it also ranked in the top 10 box office.

In particular, the film attracted special attention to Irene, who starred even before its release. Irene, who started as a trainee at SM Entertainment in 2009 at the age of 19, and debuted as Red Velvet in 2014, has been loved by many fans for her unique visuals.

While Red Velvet has emerged as a world-renowned K-pop star, Irene made headlines for her first screen challenge as a movie star since her debut. Although it was not a blockbuster film, Irene herself would never have been a light challenge. Although she topped the list as a girl group, as an actress, she had just begun to walk and had to be evaluated. The visuals have already been verified, but there must have been a lot of pressure because the path of idol-turned-actors followed by prejudice, and the audience's evaluation was forced to become more sober.

Lee Hyun-ji, played by Irene in "Double Patty," is a person who prepares for the press exam by running a babysitter during the day and a part-time job at a handmade burger restaurant at night. She goes out early in the morning to read newspapers, and she doesn’t neglect to study while working all day. She is a person who never gives up on her dream even in this tough reality, and sometimes she has a cool side that knows how to end the day and enjoy somaek alone.

It was easy to play Lee Hyun-ji in everyday life. The character itself does not have many ups and downs, so it would not have required great acting skills. Irene couldn't show her delicacy in her speech processing or facial expressions like any other acting actor, but thinking about her just stepping into acting made me think that she was fresher than "freaky."

Her inexperience was revealed when she acted as an aspiring anchor. However, it is true that acting is never easy for a new actor. The tone was relatively hard, but Irene, who had been on stage for more than six years, drew the character by adding her best efforts to her basic skills.

Irene is known to have put her heart and soul into the acting, taking professional announcer lessons. "The class was very focused," said Lee Ji-in, an announcer who coached Irene herself. "I always reviewed what I learned, and it was impressive to analyze the process and think about it." "was impressive, including concentration, details that have been shaped a long time," said director Baek Seunghwan.

Irene's appearance shone on the screen no matter what anyone said. Although her acting skills were not perfect, she showed enough potential as an actress to get full of her first drink. Just as Red Velvet has dominated the stage for about six years, and Red Velvet has reached the top, "Actress Irene" definitely has the potential to play the character.

Among many girl groups, Irene's "actor" challenge, which boasts an unrivaled visual, seems to be late. Irene previously experienced acting through the web drama "Game Company Female Employees," which was released in 2016, and took another step up to "Double Patty."

Multi-tainer is drawing attention these days. Many people expect Irene's appearance off the stage. It is hoped that entering the 30s is the beginning of a more mature state rather than being late. Expectations are high on the day she will grow as actress Bae Joo-hyun. Actress Bae Joo-hyun's second act has just opened, as to what other works she will show.

On the other hand, Double Patty (Director Baek Seung-hwan) will be available from the 2nd. The theater starts VOD service at the same time.

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