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Out of 100, IRENE ranks #1 as Female K-pop Idol loved by Korean Lesbian and Bisexual Women

IRENE of Red Velvet once again tops this year’s survey of the most loved K-pop Idol by Korean lesbian and bisexual women, with 4,446 participants.

IRENE ranks 1st and garnered a total of 943 votes (5.3%). Other Red Velvet members made it to the list: Seulgi 3rd, Wendy 8th, Joy 16th and Yeri 21st.

Irene has been on the top 2 rank over the years and been selected as the most loved for 2 consecutive years now. She was also on the top of the list from the 2016 survey tied up with Krystal Jung.

Here are Irene’s rankings over the years:

2021 - 1st (5.3%)

2020 - 1st (4.75%)

2019 - 2nd (5.61%)

2018 - 2nd (6.69%)

2016 - 1st (5.93%)

Source: kimnonsan, cafe Daum

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