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Music critic Yang Soha ranks Psycho and Naughy as #1 and #4 among 30 songs that stood out this year

Red Velvet's Psycho and Red Velvet- Irene and Seulgi's Naughty has been featured amongst music critic Yang Soha's 30 songs from K-Pop this year that stood out. (Dec 2019 - Nov 2020). The songs ranked at #1 (Psycho) and #4 (Naughty) respectively.

About Psycho

"Throughout the first half of the song, the colorful movement of the melody at the forefront shows off an attractive melody that captivates not only K-pop enthusiasts but also the public, and the rhythm and grooves that exercise concisely at the base of disorder also create entertainment for various listeners. As such, "Psycho" is the track that has made the most impressive spot among K-pop works released over the past year, with both concept and sound achievements"

About Naughty

"Seulgi and Irene change the tone and atmosphere of their voices every time, creating a variety of voices, not just two, and these diverse voices are placed in a suitable position each time, leaving an effective impression at each moment, giving back the pleasure of vocal management felt in the existing Red Velvet."

"Among the music of Red Velvet-Irene & Seulgi, which attracted a lot of attention as it was Red Velvet's first unit activity, "Naughty" was a song that depicted the colors of the unit, which was the most red Velvet-like and least red Velvet-like.'

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