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IRENE starts her own Vlog, “First Time”

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

On November 28 at 9pm (KST), Red Velvet’s Irene has started her own Vlog, “First Time” Series. The first episode was uploaded in Red Velvet’s Youtube Official Channel.

Irene shares her journey to ReVeluvs as she tries new things for the first time. The first episode, “First Time Camping Out in a Car Alone” features her first trip to Daebudo. She revealed she is very nervous and this will be her first time camping alone. Irene also surprised a lot of fans as this is also the first time she has seen driving.

In the first episode, she shares her journey from driving alone, to ordering drive-thru, taking pictures, cooking and eat and eat and eat.

Shortly when the first episode was shared, “Irene” immediately trended Worldwide and peak at #9 with over 150k tweets. Keywords ”joohyun” and “Irene’s Camping Vlog” also made it to K-pop and Music trends.

Irene then went to Bubble chat and asked ReVeluvs suggestions for the next “First Time” activities. Earlier before the release, she had already gave hints and shared her excitement. She also uploaded some behind the scene photos from the first episode on Bubble and Instagram.

Check out Irene’s first Youtube Series, “First Time”!

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Yong hui
Yong hui
29 nov 2021

Irene 💝

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