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Irene shows off her sleek dance moves in a practice video of ‘Pose’

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Red Velvet’s Irene and choreographer Sunny revealed their <Pose> practice video through their Instagram accounts.

On the afternoon of 11th, Irene went to Bubble to congratulate and thanked ReVeluvs on winning 6 Wins and 1st triple crown for “Queendom”. She also thanked luvies on reaching 300M views for Psycho MV on Youtube.

As a gift, Irene released <Pose> dance practice video with teacher Sunny on their Instagram showing the duo’s great chemistry on the dancefloor.

Irene received praises from fans around the world and shortly, Irene trended on twitter.

Fans expressed their desire for Irene to reveal more dance videos on her Instagram. And we so agree, too!


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Elieuza Matias
Elieuza Matias
Sep 11, 2021


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