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Irene’s lovely princess figure in SMTOWN Winter Album Concept Photos

Red Velvet’s Irene wore a pink beret and showed a lovely princess figure.

On December 17th, several photos were posted on Red Velvet's official Instagram account caption "SMTOWN 2022 : SMC EXPRESS." The released photo is a teaser photo of the online performance "SMTOWN LIVE 2022 : SMC EXPRESS@KWANGYA" which was held on January 1.

Irene unified both the hat and the top with light pink to show the pretty princess. Irene showed her bright eyes and showed her innocent beauty. In another picture, Irene looked at another place. Irene's side profile revealed at this time drew admiration. Cute heart earrings drew attention.

Meanwhile, the "SMTOWN 2022" project, in which Red Velvet, a group to which Irene belongs, will participate, is a project that expands the worldview of artists newly named by general producer Lee Soo-man as "Metabular Origin Story" to SMC (SMCU).

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