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Irene’s film “Double Patty” will be available through VOD services starting March 2

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

The movie "Double Patty," starring Shin Seung-ho and Bae Joo-hyun (Red Velvet Irene), will come to the small screen.

Double Patty' is a high-calorie charging movie that tells the story of promising wrestlers Woo-ram (Shin Seung-ho) and aspiring anchor Hyun-ji (Bae Joo-hyun) having a hard day and giving strength and comfort to each other.

Shin Seung-ho and Bae Joo-hyun's chemistry, the passion of the main characters running toward their dreams, and the delicious energy from the salivary eating show.

It was released on the 17th and attracted 10,000 viewers. It will start VOD service at the same time in theaters on March 2. You can meet them on various platforms such as IPTV, Home Choice, and KT Skylife.

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