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IRENE ranks 5th as “Idol Who Looks Intimidating But is Actually a Total Softie”

A poll conducted by DC Inside from April 18-24: "Who is the star that looks intimidating, but seems to have a soft personality in reality?"

Red Velvet’s leader, IRENE, ranks 5th with 116 votes.

Ever since debut, Irene was often dubbed as one of SM’s “Ice Princesses”. Trainees and members also shared how Irene possesses “cold” aura but actually she is only extremely shy and uncomfortable from the people she just met.

But to her close friends and staff, the real Bae Joohyun is actually a very thoughtful and heartwarming person. She often gives handwritten letters and even remember everyone’s birthdays and help them celebrate it. She has been seen a lot of times giving gifts to the staff and backup dancers on their birthdays and special occasions.

A lot of stories of Irene being so loud and cheerful off-stage were shared by not only the staff but by the fans as well during fansign events, recording sets and to those moments they bumped unto her during personal schedules.

On another story, ReVeluvs were celebrating after Yeri gave hints on possible Red Velvet’s nearing comeback during her Instagram Live yesterday.

We’re getting excited as this will gonna be Red Velvet’s first comeback as a group for more than a year!

See you soon, Red Velvet!

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