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Irene — fairy-like beauty on her latest Instagram update!

Irene, a member of the group Red Velvet, showed off her lovely beauty.

On the 27th, Irene posted two pictures of her activities on her Instagram.

Irene in the picture showed off her fairy-like beauty with her small face and pretty features on the verge of extinction. Her refreshing beauty made fans' hearts flutter.

Irene created a hip and lovely atmosphere through her sky blue bridge hair and cropped tee. Fans who saw the photo left comments praising Irene's dazzling appearance.

Meanwhile, Irene's group Red Velvet released their sixth mini album "Queendom" on the 16th and is currently active.

Recently, Red Velvet grabs 2 wins in MCountdown and Music Bank for their comeback song <#Queendom>! 👏

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