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Irene, '653M Won' Mesh Fashion

Red Velvet Irene in Alchemy's body suit and Jimmy Choo’s mesh boots.

Irene of Red Velvet showed off her colorful fashion.

On the 29th of last month, Irene posted several photos on her Instagram.

Irene, who is posing in what appears to be the stairs of the broadcasting station, wore a black costume with a colorful tulle on one shoulder. In addition, Irene emphasized her slim leg lines by matching long boots in the form of mesh.

Irene, with her side hair slightly down, had dark red lips and sparkling eye makeup. She completed a fascinating look with colorful nail art and choker.

Irene's colorful ruffle outfit is an Alchemy body suit. The price is 538,000 won. Irene layered a twisted sweater of Alexander McQueen (about 1,000 won), a chiffon miniskirt of Widow (about 56,000 won), and a choker (about 17,000 won) on top of a body suit.

On top of that, Irene wore "over the knee" boots from "Jimmy Choo," which featured suede and crystal mesh decorations. The price is 4.92 million won. The price of the clothes Irene wore on the day alone is about 6.53 million won.

Meanwhile, Irene, which belongs to Red Velvet, made a comeback with its sixth mini album "Queendom" on the 16th after a year and eight months.

Translated with Papago

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