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Get to Know More about Bae Joohyun’s Character in the New Trailer of “Double Patty”

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Watch official trailer!

A good start this February! Main trailer of “Double Patty” has been released thru Seezn’s official accounts.

'Double Patty' shows a trailer of wrestling prospect Woo-ram (Shin Seung-ho) and anchor wannabe Hyunji (Irene) giving strength and comfort to each other after a hard day. A high-calorie charging movie that tells the story of this.

The main trailer that was released this time tells the stories of characters running for their dreams and makes a pleasant smile. Wooram, who fell into a slump due to the death of his senior, and Hyunji appeared before graduation, having a difficult day, having regrets.

But soon, like a copy of “One day when life was overwhelming, we met”, a cup of refreshing wheat that makes you forget the hard day, and a gopchang hotpot that spit on by itself, sharing delicious food, and running for their dreams again. Here, the part where Wooram older sister remarks to them, "It happens, it happens", fills the viewers' energy and stimulates interest in the movie.

Lee Hyunji’s character seems to be cool and charming!

The fresh chemistry of Shin Seung-ho and Irene (real name Bae Joo-hyun), who debuted through this movie, makes them smile and raises expectations for the special synergy they will show in the movie.

“Double Patty” will be released on February 17, in theaters and Seezn. On the previous report, fans can expect to see Irene on the movie premiere this February 10 at Lotte Cinema in Konkuk University.

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