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Fashion Alert! Red Velvet’s Height Hack: Standard Jeans!

Although not everyone possesses perfect physique, Red Velvet girls still wear super beautiful jeans, all of which have secrets.

The members of Red Velvet all have beautiful face combos and beautiful bodies, but their physical characteristics are not the same. While Joy is 167cm tall, possessing admirable long legs, the two girls, Irene and Yeri, are only 160cm high. However, it doesn't matter whether you have the advantage of height or not, Red Velvet ladies still wear them beautifully and respectfully by choosing the right items. In particular, the way of wearing jeans, you can learn a few "pieces" of Red Velvet how to choose the shape of the pants that best suits each physical characteristics.

1. "One piece" feet: Stand-up / skinny jeans

2. Legs are not long but slim: Skinny jeans

Although there is no advantage in length, in return, Irene's legs are very slim. This is the reason why the oldest member of Red Velvet, loves skinny jeans, even bravely wears slim-cut low-rise pants to show off her tiny waist. Skinny jeans not only help small-leg girls show their strength, but also create a neat effect to make the overall look taller and more elegant. In addition, skinny jeans are also among the hottest denim pants, you should buy the whole pair of lines, that is, hacking and elevating your style.

3. Tall, long legs: Flared jeans / ankle length

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