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ELLE Japan takes Irene as reference in their Korean Makeup Recommendation feature

ELLE Japan — Korean makeup and cosmetics are popular mainly among the younger generation in Japan. Yuki Ishikawa explains Korean makeup and cosmetics that you want to know because you are an adult, from those who avoid saying, "Because I am an adult" to those who are complete beginners who ask, "What's the difference in the first place?"

"The liver of Korean makeup is ""frame"""

"As I get older, every line becomes blurry.Blurring = As you look older, you look much younger by making each frame clear from the outline to your eyes.

Korean makeup focuses on making all the frames.The eyebrows are clear, the outline is sharp with contours, the outline of the lips and nose is through, the eyes are on the eyeliner, and even the tear bag is puffed up.In Japan, which prefers a natural sense of detachment, there is resistance to overdoing it, but Korean makeup has almost no sense of detachment.But if you're an adult, you can find balance, and sometimes you can try this much."

The current hair trend in Korea is volume life, and root perms are also popular.The iron plate TIPS with adult hair styling makes the top stand softly to create a rhombic frame that makes it look youthful.

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