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“Double Patty” releases Behind the Scenes shots of Bae Joohyun and Shin Seungho

The movie "Double Patty (Director Baek Seung-hwan)," released on the 17th, has released various behind-the-scenes stories on the 22nd, starting with stories related to the title.

The still, which was released along with several behind-the-scenes stories, makes 'Double Patty' feel full of energy. From the cut where they talk about the director and prepare for the next scene to the stills that show them practicing without letting go of the script for the day in one corner, their passion for the work is conveyed. In particular, the images of the two actors exchanging stories with each other confirm the authenticity of the fresh chemistry shown in the movie and make them smile.

The first behind-the-scenes story is the movie's title, 'Double Patty,' which you can't forget once you. The director's intention for the work was the biggest reason why "Double Patty," a word that rises with an image familiar to many people and stimulates salivary glands, was selected as the title of the movie. Young people always seem to be hungry. So isn't that not enough? As director Baek Seung-hwan said, "I decided to name it 'Double Patty' because I wanted to pass the word 'Double Patty,' 'Double Patty' presents delicious food to the main characters who spent the day in the movie.

Among the various foods that appear, the actors chose steamed monkfish and tuna mayo rice.

Bae Ju-hyun chose tuna mayo rice topped with rice as the perfect food for the local character. Hyunji, who prepares for anchors while working part-time and studying at the same time, always prefers food that can be easily eaten due to time, one of which was tuna mayo rice topped with tuna.

And what the two actors talked about in common was gopchang jeongol, which appeared on the poster. The food was also memorable as it was an important scene where Wooram and Hyunji cheered each other's dreams.

Shin Seung-ho and Bae Joo-hyun, who enjoyed the main points of the movie and made the charm of "Double Patty," are said to have fallen in love with their characters.

Bae Joo-hyun sympathized with Hyun-ji's efforts to the end without giving up her dream. In addition, like "Hyunji," which needed a small comma in life, the audience hoped that "Double Patty" would be a rest.

"Double Patty" is being screened in theaters nationwide.

Translated with Papago

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