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Concerts You Want To See After Corona 19 ends— Red Velvet is the only Girl Group on the list!

Exciting DC held a survey from the 28th of last month to March 6 under the theme of "What is the performance of the singer you want to see the most, not online?" The total number of votes cast was 251,617.

Red Velvet ranked 9th place as the concert of a singer they want to see the most when Corona 19 ends, making them the only K-pop Girl Group on the list.

Full list of rank:

1 - Lim Young-woong

2 - Lee Chan-won

3 - Rapo M

4 - EXO

5 - Porestella

6 - Lette amor

7 - BTS

8 - Astro

9 - Red Velvet

10 - SHINee

Translated with Papago

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