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Bae Joohyun’s co-lead actor, Shin Seungho talks about working together in “Double Patty”

Shin Seung-ho, who plays Woo-ram in the movie “Double Patty” with Bae Joohyun, told the story of the work through a video interview on the 16th.

In an interview, Shin Seung-ho also talked about Red Velvet’s Irene, who first worked together through "Double Patty." "I was cast first and waiting for the actress to cast, and I heard that Irene was casted. It was really fresh. It was my first movie and Irene's first movie, so I thought it was a very fresh combination."

"Irene and I had a great time helping each other. We prepared all the gods for the shooting by talking together. Rather than preparing alone, talking to each other and preparing for it, I think we were able to have a more complete scene. As we talked a lot and filmed it, I think the chemistry with Irene was good enough."

“Double Patty” will be released on the 17th.

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