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5 Members of Red Velvet, active as a Singer, Actress and MC

The members of the group Red Velvet are showing their activities in various fields.

Wendy and Joy are active in the music field. Wendy just released her first solo album 'Like Water' on the 5th.

It is the first solo debut among Red Velvet members. Last year, Irene and Seulgi made up a unit group.

Wendy's debut album ranked #1 in 30 regions around the world on the iTunes Top Albums chart. This is the highest record ever in a Korean female solo singer's album. In addition, this album took first place in domestic album charts such as Hanteo Chart and Yes24.

Joy is going to convey her pure sensibility through the OST song. A collaboration soundtrack with Naver webtoon ‘The Right Love Guide’ on the 15th, ‘Why is Love Always Not Easy?’ will be released.

Joy has shown off her musical capabilities by participating in a number of drama OSTs in the past.

Irene and Yeri are active in the field of acting, Irene debuted in the big screen in February with the film "Double Patty" (directed by Baek Seunghwan). Irene went out as actress Bae Juhyun, not idol Irene.

"Double Patty" is a movie about the story of wrestling prospect Woo Ram (Shin Seungho) and anchor wannabe Lee Hyunji (Bae Juhyun) giving each other strength and comfort after a hard day. In the first week of its release, it exceeded 10,000 audiences, drawing attention from movie fans.