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Double Patty Projects

Double Patty donations project

Twitter Hashtag Poll

Fanart Constest



Double Patty Projects


• Donation Project

• Twitter Hashtags Poll

• Fanart Constest

• THEK★KING Free Subway Fan Support Ad


Donation Project

In order to celebrate actress Bae Juhyun and show our support, a number of Irene fanaccounts have joined together to raise funds in order to fund a few events/promotions.

Twitter Hashtag Poll

You have chosen what hashtags should be added to the poll and now it's time to vote!

Cast your vote on the hashtag of your choice on the link bellow.

*Poll Closed, Check Results Through Link*

Fanart Contest

Baetokkis and fan artists, we call on you!

The Irene Support Team has started a project where fan artists can send in a banner fanart. We will display all banners on a seperate page where our Baetokkis can vote on their favourite banners!

The banner with the most likes will be chosen as the official Double Patty lightbox banner in our website as well as  giving the artist a huge shoutout on both the website and twitter!



Due to uncertainty around the time of release of Double Patty we have decided to EXTEND the submission period for the fan art contest! We will announce a voting period once more news is known!


We also have a little surprise for those who participate!!

As a little sneak peak we already added some blurred images of fan art entries we got!

THEK★KING Free Subway Fan Support Ad

Hello Baetokki's!

A project group page has been created dedicated to THEK★KING App FREE Subway Ad for “Double Patty” ​ The goal of the app is to accumulate enough hearts as a group to fund an ad in Seoul that will display Bae Joohyun’s “Double Patty” movie!


You can find guides and more info here:

Due to uncertainty about the release date and unexpected changes in thekking app we might change our plan for this current project.

Thekking stopped any kind of fan support till next year and all pinks will expire at the end of this month

We are encouraging everyone to convert their stars to purple heart and use it to vote for the individual ranking (we need to be in top 10).

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