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"So pretty"… Red Velvet’s Irene, archive video has been released

On the 29th, SM Entertainment posted a video on Red Velvet's official YouTube channel with the title "Queens Archive – Red Velvet's 'Perfect 10' #IRENE."

The released video included "Perfect 10," a track in the second mini-album "Perfect Velvet." Irene, wearing a black ribbon, played the video that fell on the floor. Irene in a white dress appeared.

It then showed Irene sitting in a white bathtub. Behind her is a frame from the "Peekaboo" music video.

Netizens who saw it responded by saying, "Tell me what's pretty," "Red Velvet Teaser is really good," "Irene is making a comeback," and "Is the comeback date yet?"

Red Velvet, which announced its comeback in August, is catching fans' attention by releasing an archive video of Irene, following Wendy and Yeri.

In addition, Red Velvet will host a special live show "Congratulations on the 7th anniversary of Red Velvet's debut" on Naver V LIVE on the 1st of next month to mark the 7th anniversary of its debut.

Meanwhile, Red Velvet is continuing to work on the album with the aim of releasing a new album in August.

Source: Topstarnews

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