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Red Velvet’s Psycho received recognitions in 2 of South Korea’s Prestigious Awards Events

This January 13, Red Velvet’s Psycho receives Digital Artist of the Year Awards (December) in the 10th Gaon Chart Music Awards.

100% of the criteria is based in Gaon's digital sales.

Fans are also celebrating for Red Velvet - IRENE & SEULGI’s <Monster> Debut Track places no. 4 in Artist of the Year - Digital Music (July), which is truly amazing for a subunit to reach this rank.

The ReVe Festival: Finale also ranks no. 5 Artist of the Year - Physical Album (January 1st Quarter).

They recently received Best Digital Song Awards for <Psycho> (Bonsang) during the 35th Golden Disc Awards which was held last January 9-10, 2021. The criteria of choosing the winner were 60% sales and 40% jurors.

Red Velvet sent “thank you” messages clips and promised to do various activities this year.

Congratulations, Red Velvet!





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