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Red Velvet's Irene has become CHOEAEDOL 196th Charity Fairy on the 11100th day of her birth.

In celebration of 11,100 days since Irene was born, she has become CHOEAEDOL Charity Fairy

Irene was selected as the 196th donation fairy on August 17 with 56,145,464 votes a day on the idol ranking service "CHOEAEDOL."

"CHOEAEDOL" is selected as a donation angel if it achieves the top rank in terms of its cumulative ranking over the past 30 days, and a donation fairy if it achieves more than 55.55,555 votes on various anniversaries.

Irene has been named a total of two charity fairies so far. The donation to the Milal Welfare Foundation in Irene's name will be used as a fund for people with disabilities isolated from coronavirus 19.