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Red Velvet’s Irene receives attention for wearing Saint Laurent’s outfit in Queendom teasers

Red Velvet's Irene is wearing Saint Laurent's outfit.

Recently, Red Velvet's agency SM Entertainment released personal images of its members who will make a comeback on the 16th.

In the released image, Irene seems to maximize her chic charm by loosening her long black hair and applying vivid red lips. Her layered bold chain neckless, braslets, and rings added intensity.

Irene wore a black innerwear and an ivory wool jacket. She emphasized the slimness of her legs by matching high-heeled suede sandals with thin black stockings.

The outfit Irene wore in the image is a Saint Laurent jacket. The price is 3,285,000 won. In addition, shoes of the same brand (1.635,000 won), gold rings (410,000 won), and two-tone bracelets (700,000 won). The price of the item she is wearing is 6.03 million won.

Saint Laurent's model wore a lace camisole under her jacket and matched slim leather pants, presenting a stylish style that is good to wear in public as well as in office looks. The model wore X-shaped sandals to add a cool feeling.

Meanwhile, Red Velvet, which includes Irene, will release its sixth mini-album "Queendom" on the 16th.

Source: MT

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