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Red Velvet receives nominations for Gaon Music Chart Awards 2021

Red Velvet has received 4 nominations for Gaon Music Chart Awards 2021. The noimnations are as follows:

- Song of the Month (December 2019) with 'Psycho'

- Album of the Month (Q1 - December 2019- February 2020)

- Song of the Month (July 2020) with Red Velvet - Irene & Seulgi's ’ “Monster”

- MuBeat Female Global Choice

It is guaranteed that Red Velvet has won the award for "Song of the Month - December" since the digital points for 'Psycho' is the highest from amongst the nominees. It is only the second song by a girl group to win in the Song of the Month category since 'Power Up' in 2019. Furthermore, the award for MuBeat Female Global Choice is chosen through fan voting from the MuBeat app.

You can find the full details on voting for the award at this link: Let's make sure to do our best and ensure Red Velvet gets this award as well!

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