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Red Velvet-IRENE & SEULGI’s ‘Monster’ Album in South China Morning Post’s TOP K-POP ALBUMS OF 2020

South China Morning Post selects top 15 K-pop albums of 2020.

Monster by Red Velvet’s Irene & Seulgi

“When Red Velvet started back in 2014, the group was touted as being a bit red in its bright popishness and velvet in its more sophisticated R&B side. They’ve vacillated between the two throughout their career, though ultimately their biggest hits have been more upbeat than rhythmic.

This album from the duo, known fondly by many fans as Seulrene, ups the ante on the smoother side Red Velvet has shown in the past: singles Naughty and Monster set the tone for the album’s sultry themes, revelling in their charismatic performance style and captivating stage presences. It may be the first release from them, but it’s hopefully not the last.”

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