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Meeting the Talented and Good-looking SM Artists

SM Entertainment is an entertainment agency founded on February 14, 1995.

SM Entertainment is a comprehensive entertainment group that is a pioneer in Korean entertainment and leading the Korean Wave, and its founder is Lee Soo-man. The mission contains the initial abbreviation of Sooman Lee and the meaning of the abbreviation of 'Star Museum'.

The singers of SM Entertainment are perfect not only in their skills but also in their visuals. "All handsome and pretty people are in the practice room of SM Entertainment's basement."

Girl group Red Velvet IRENE

Irene debuted with Red Velvet in 2014.

She is regarded as Red Velvet's representative visual with a gorgeous visual that stands out with her white skin.

The gap between expressionlessness and laughing face is also large, and it is criticized that a cold beauty and a pure girl coexist.

In addition, after Yoona, Irene ranked second in the best face ratio selected by plastic surgeons, and is considered as a visual close to the golden ratio.

In the group, Irene is showing various charms by acting as a leader, main rapper, sub vocalist and lead dancer.

Red Velvet released the tvN drama'Startup' OST'Future' on October 17th.

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