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IRENE is one of the ‘A-type stars' who are known to be 'Sensitive Bosses', but are actually Soft

Although not scientifically proven, it is said that those with'type A'blood types are timid according to the usual blood type analysis.

However, being timid is only fragmentary, and it turns out that Type A is a sensitive person who cares for others.

Red Velvet Irene, who has also been nicknamed 'Cold Beauty', is also one of the A-type stars.

At first glance, Irene is invincible because of the three-looking image.

However, fellow Red Velvet member, Joy revealed on Mnet's'Yang Men Show', "(Irene) doesn't speak much even if you ask her what's hard," said that she would not to be a burden to other members.

When Yang Se-hyung, who had heard this, comforted, "I think there will be so many difficult things that Irene couldn't say," Irene showed up crying and holding back tears.

Type A is by nature soft and gentle.

Type A, who has such a soft sensibility, is also in the entertainment industry.

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