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Fashion Alert! 10 of Irene’s Outfit Ideas That Are Easy to Cheat

Off-shoulder tops can support your appearance only by combining subordinates that are suitable and comfortable for you.

Well, if you are bored with just looks, you don't need to worry. Tops with off shoulders can make your appearance even more stunning and not boring.

You can cheat on some of Red Velvet‘s IRENE’s mix and matches when wearing the off shoulder. Come on, check out the ten full mix and match ideas below.

1. Look casual with a combination of an off shoulder blouse with a stripe pattern, skinny jeans, and an additional white sling bag

2. You can also combine the frills off shoulder blouse with skinny jeans for a cute and casual look

3. Suitable for OOTD, combine the off shoulder dress with a plaid pattern with wedges shoes to give a cute and feminine impression

4. Using a black bohemian off-shoulder dress like this will also make your appearance look elegant, you know

5. Use a stripe-patterned off-shoulder t-shirt and mix it with a white a-line skirt to make your appearance even more eye catching

6. Look cute and simple with a white off shoulder blouse combined with a black a-line skirt

7. Appearing at semi-formal events, you can use a monochrome off-shoulder dress like this, it's really elegant, right?

8. Look simple and trendy, using a blue off shoulder blouse with a mini skirt like this can make you look more girly, you know.

9. You can try this off shoulder dress made of lace in pink for a sweeter and more cheerful look

10. Look chic using a red off shoulder mini dress combined with peep toe shoes and a sling bag. So stunning!

Those are ten ideas for mix and match off shoulder models in the style of Red Velvet’s Irene that are guaranteed not to make you out of style. Which one do you want to try on the inspiration look?

**Note: Article translated via Google Translate

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