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Double Patty movie premiere recap


A press preview of the movie "Double Patty (Director Baek Seung-hwan)" was held at Lotte Cinema at Konkuk University entrance in Seoul on the 10th. Director Baek Seung-hwan, actors Shin Seung-ho and Bae Joo-hyun (Irene) attended the event to express their feelings about the first release of the movie.

Director Baek Seung-hwan said, "Double Patty' is a story about two young people running parallel to their goals and dreams," adding, "When I think of youth, hunger follows for some reason." There are many foods in our movie, and I wanted to say, "Let's have a meal." So I personally like hamburgers, and I don't usually eat them as single patties, but I also wanted to convey the message 'Isn't one not enough?' so I named it 'Double Patty'

Shin Seung-ho and Bae Joo-hyun worked together to lead the "Double Patty." Shin Seung-ho, who boasts his natural physical ability enough to have a career as a soccer player for 11 years, perfectly embodies the external charm of the character. Bae Joo-hyun, who is familiar with the girl group Red Velvet's Irene, shows her potential as an actress through the first main character ceremony on the screen with her real name written on it.

"Before casting, I didn't know much about their acting," said Baek Seung-hwan. "It was a project that I started while talking about the possibility," he said. "Bae Ju-hyun had to practice announcering, and it was her first time acting in a movie, but she showed surprisingly detailed preparation, effort and concentration." Even though Shin Seung-ho also likes to eat, he has managed to control his diet and has even improved his ability to match a real wrestler. "Animal sensibility and sincerity are extraordinary.

Bae Joo-hyun played the role of Lee Hyun-ji, an aspiring anchor who is about to graduate, playing a baby sitter during the day and a part-time job at a handmade burger restaurant at night to prepare for the press exam. Hyun-ji, who reads newspapers from dawn and works all day long but does not neglect to study, is a character who does not give up on her dream even in the tough reality. Sometimes, she is a cool person who knows how to finish a day and enjoy somaek alone at a cold ginseng restaurant.

Actress bae Joo-hyun: “I was very nervous. I couldn’t focus on watching the movie. Since it was my first time watching my face on this big screen, I was nervous and also shy. It was also a time for me to receive strength and comfort” “Rather than having a difficult time, something I pondered on a lot is that since Hyunji is a prospective anchor, as time passes and she grows more and more as an anchor candidate. My tone and diction in the beginning should be different from the end. I think focused a lot on that.“

Baek Seung-hwan expressed his satisfaction with Shin Seung-ho and Bae Joo-hyun several times.

“There is no one in Korea who does not know Bae Joohyun. I once searched her videos bit by bit and it surprised me that she wasn’t given an offer to act yet. I saw her potential. Bae Joohyun brought [potential] to fruition in front of the camera. I respected that and definitely have things that I am thankful for [towards her].”

"Double Patty," which tried to capture external images and characters that come to mind when thinking of "Youth," along with the medium of food according to their respective goals and purposes, will meet the audience on the 17th.

after the movie premiere and press meeting Bae Joohyun had an asigned private exit but refused to take it and rather took the normal exit to greet her fans and fansites waiting for her.

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